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How to Wall Mount a TV Without Cables Showing

tv wall mounting May 01, 2019

You’ve moved house and now your old 40” TV just doesn’t cut it anymore. What you'd really like is a bigger wall mounted TV and to somehow make those cables disappear.

One of our customers recently purchased an existing home that featured a beautiful floating cabinet in the living area. Unfortunately their existing TV and power points were located in an awkward position, away from the TV. This meant that their 40” Samsung TV was tabletop mounted with cables tracing the outside of the cabinet to the connection points.

Our customer then asked us one of our most frequently asked questions, “How can I wall mount my new TV and make the cables invisible?”. 

We came up with a 3 step solution to mount their new TV, tidy their cables and limit the mess created by retrofitting a sneaky cabling solution. As you can see from the 'after' photo, the results were amazing! 

Step 1. Install cabling pathways
To make the cables disappear, we decided the best solution would be to create cabling pathways inside the wall. We limited the disturbance in the living room by cutting new conduit pathways into the rear of the brick wall, which happened to be the study. Several chases (cuts to the wall) were made to run new power, TV, data and audio visual cables. Although the study wall would still require patching and painting, we contained the repair work to a small section of wall, in a less used area of the house.

Step 2. Future-proof your cable management
As we knew that it would be difficult to access the cabling entry points at a later stage, we installed additional HDMI, data, USB and optical cables to future proof the connection between the TV and the cabinet.

Step 3. Double the TV size and make the cables invisible
We installed a wall bracket and upgraded their TV to the latest 80” Samsung! All the audio visual devices and connection points were neatly concealed inside the floating cabinet.

Our customers were ecstatic with the results!

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