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Our vision

To be recognised as the destination of choice for smart technologies and environmentally friendly outcomes in the home. Intelligent Home believes that Customer Service is crucial to the Company's success. We strive to complete every contract with a handshake and have every client gladly recommend Intelligent Home to their family and friends.

Our mission

We will strive to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment for our team; where effective and efficient communication is paramount.

To treat all clients with respect and provide them a buying and installation experience that is cost effective and that meets and exceeds their needs.

To provide showroom surroundings where the atmosphere is friendly and where clients will be able to communicate with professional, efficient and knowledgeable staff, who love what they do and what they sell.

To develop a business plan that identifies management plans, priorities and proposed actions. A plan that clearly identifies the future direction the Company is taking and provides a financial outcome that is commensurate with effort.

To continue to be at the forefront of technology and innovation and to deliver outcomes to clients with professionalism and respect.

To continue to grow the Company and its range of product offer.

Our core values



• Each of us is responsible for our words, actions, and results.
• We are approachable and lead by example.
• We take pride in how we look and how we present to others.
• We own it and align what we say with what we do.
• We have empathy and walk in the shoes of our customers.
• We take ownership of the quality of our individual work but also take pride in what we deliver as a team.
Our focus is on a successful outcome for all.



• We are relevant, authentic, transparent and timely.
• We build relationships between teams, management, and contractors through speech, visuals, signals, writing, and our behaviour.
• We actively listen, be present, and act on that knowledge with positive intent.
• We take thoughtful and intelligent action to support one another.
• We have difficult conversations with honesty and fairness.
We strive to see things from someone else’s perspective and sympathise with their emotions.



• We work together to be more effective and efficient while trusting one another. 
• We achieve as a team what an individual cannot. 
• We collaborate towards a common outcome. 
• We are relentless, and we follow up. The first step is not the last step. 
• We embrace change and get on board. 
• We demonstrate genuine empathy and respect with consistency. 
• We treat people the way we want to be treated.

We use our peripheral vision to see others and help them along the journey. 



• We actively seek new ways of handling challenges and opportunities to learn.
• We create and implement development plans for skills and competency.
• We apply learning and experience to grow the company and ourselves.
• We focus on the destination and decide the pathway to get there.
• We recognise people in their growth.
• We provide our investors with an attractive return through sustainable growth.
Learn something new and apply it to people, development and progression.



• We trust one another every day.
• We build trust through responsible actions and being respectful of privacy and confidentiality concerns.
• We build trust through honest relationships and constructive communication that serves the common good.
• We trust our employees to act with volition in their roles and work without barriers.
• We trust that our employees will make the best decisions. To think, act and lead in their own right.
• The trust we build lifts us higher than we could rise alone.
Do the right thing even when there is pressure not to do so.