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Warranty and supply


  • Intelligent Home provides a three month warranty on the installation of the products.
  • For all other works, the warranty commences on the date of completion of works.
  • During the three month warranty period, Intelligent Home will visit the site to replace any defective or malfunctioning product supplied and will rectify any installation defects at no cost to the client.
  • All warrantable service calls will normally be carried out during the Company’s standard trading hours.
  • At the expiration of the initial three month period, all equipment items will be supported by the applicable manufacturer’s warranty only. Any related labour or freight costs associated with warrantable items will be chargeable.
  • Intelligent Home does not warrant equipment supplied by other parties.
  • Corrosion due to moisture and / or salt is not covered by this warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover any equipment that has been subject to misuse or abuse.
  • This warranty is voided where equipment has been repaired or altered by any third party.
  • This warranty does not cover natural events such as lightning or other acts of God.
  • Intelligent Home will not support any warranty for any system where outstanding monies remain.


  • Intelligent Home requires ten days written / email notice from the client prior to the scheduled install dates. (Email
    [email protected])
  • Intelligent Home requires notification of any activity such as plastering, concreting, finishing and cabinetry that may affect the scope of works timing or outcomes.
  • Where Intelligent Home receives a late call up that materially affects the scope of works, a minimum additional charge of $500 will be payable.
  • Speakers and floor boxes must be installed prior to the concrete reinforcing.


  • Where the Intelligent Home Scope of Works is part of the Builders Contract, then the Builder will be responsible for call ups.


  • A variation is any addition of work, including products, labour, processing of plans and paperwork that occurs after Intelligent Home has received an order.
  • A variation will not take place until the order has been signed and received by Intelligent Home.
  • Where the Clients work is part of the Builder’s Contract, Intelligent Home will require written approval to quote and a purchase order from the Builder to carry out any variation.
  • A minimum fee of $110, including GST, applies to client direct variations for work associated with documents, plans and other changes.


  • When the availability for any specified item of material to be used in the contract is delayed or becomes unavailable at the time of installation -- or between Contract signing and materials being purchased, Intelligent Home reserves the right to substitute the item upon request and adjust the pricing to the contract on any of these substituted items due to increased cost beyond Intelligent Home’s foreseeable control.


  • Additional site visits that fall outside the Scope of Works will incur a call out fee of $100 and ongoing charges at $100 per half hour.
  • Payments accepted for chargeable call outs include cash, EFTPOS and accepted credit cards.


  • The builder will provide Intelligent Home with the final electronic copy of the site plans and schedules.
  • The client will provide Intelligent Home with any plans of proposed cabinetry, window treatments or other internal outcomes that may influence the Scope of Works installation.
  • Intelligent Home will provide an electronic design layout that incorporates features as per the quotes supplied.


  • The Client / Builder shall ensure access to the site during Intelligent Home's normal trading hours.
  • The Client / Builder is responsible for ensuring adequate power points or other items relevant to Intelligent Home’s installation.


  • Once the equipment has been supplied to the site, the responsibility for insurance of those items falls to the builder or client. The builder holds insurance cover for building sites where the equipment is a part of their contract; Intelligent Home is not insured for loss of equipment from the site.